I think that recently, with Bloomberg’s “ban” on soda, its been getting a lot of hype; whether positive or negative, it doesn’t matter, because the big thing is that this issue is finally getting some attention. With that in mind, I think right now is the perfect time to launch a public health awareness campaign.

So far, I’ve emailed a coupe of professionals and institutions, briefed them on my goals and what I’m doing, and sent them a link to this blog. My original goal was to get at least some response from one of them to at least know that one person cares besides me and the people I’ve personally told my project about to. That way, with some external support, I think that my project would carry a little bit more legitimacy. Despite no responses, I’m still going to continue to find contacts, because I know for sure that at least one person has to respond.

Now here is a great public health poster for soda awareness. It’s quite a lot to take in at first glance, but I think that that is the beauty of it. It’s so overwhelming with negative effects that I’m already convinced not to drink soda for the sake of preserving my body.



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