Taking Action

I’ve talked enough about how I am going to put all this knowledge into application and “make an impact”. But enough of that. This summer, I really am going to


capitol of texas

It’s the hardest thing to actually do because although I have plans for what to do, things never go as planned. I’ve already tried to contact a couple of people who seem to have an influence/vested interest in the field, but they do not ever respond.

So, here is what I propose.

1. Continue to research about the science/current policies.

2. After my SAT’s, I will make a brochure to hand out to the public warranting my cause.

3. I will contact my local doctors offices and ask if I can place the brochures in their waiting rooms

4. I will contact my local senators/congressmen to ask if I can further present my cause/ lobby for change. I have specific policy proposals in mind. Later post on that.

5. If #4 happens, I will get a group together. If #4 does not happen, I will get a group regardless to go and hand out brochures in public spaces.

6. Hopefully, by that point, I will have caught the attention of someone with power who can support the cause.

Okay, wish me luck, whoever (if anyone reads this website anyways)!


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